A thank you note from the National and University Library of Iceland

Sigurgeir Finnsson

Sigurgeir Finnsson

When I started working at the ILL department at the National and University Library of Iceland almost nine years ago, the Nordic/Baltic union catalogue of serials (NOSP) was still in function. We used it a lot back then and placing an order in NOSP was one of the first things I learned. After having found the right journal, choosing which library to order from, was a bit of an information overdose for a young and inexperienced librarian as myself.

My predecessor Thorny quickly set my mind at ease when she told me about this really good library in Finland that she simply called the X, referring of course to the code identifier in NOSP, FI-X. I quickly also learned that the X was always a good place to start as they always seemed to have what we were looking for and more importantly they were very quick to respond. The Ill/DD department at the X were and still remain one of the most consistent and quickest I have ever encountered, even more consistent and quicker than SUBITO, the document delivery service of research libraries in Germany.

We are very grateful for the services that the X has provided us over the years and if someone in Finland ever needs anything from Iceland we are always at the ready. Big thanks to the National Repository Library of Finland and merry Christmas from Iceland.

Sigurgeir Finnsson, ILL/DD service manager
National and University Library of Iceland

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