In recent years many academic libraries across the world have been trying to devise a way of reducing the proportion of time and money they devote to archiving of print material while at the same time ensuring the preservation of content for their patrons.

This has become even more particularly urgent as there is ever increasing demand from researchers for new scientific material, either purchased outright or licensed for use.

Story so far …

  • Repository Library conferences in Kuopio since 1999 (KUOPIO-1, KUOPIO-2, KUOPIO-3, KUOPIO-4, KUOPIO-5)
  • Various presentations at international conferences regarding archiving activities
  • IFLA satellite meeting 2014, BULAC: Panel Discussion on Collaborative Storage (Australia/New Zealand, Austria, France, UK, USA/Canada)
  • Joint publication “Collections Earning Their Keep. An Overview of International Archiving Initiatives“ (DOI: 10.12685/027.7-3-1-58)
  • Discussions on international level showed that due to differences in legal, organizational and financial frameworks focusing on Europe seemed more feasible for successful cooperation.