Practical information about EPICo meeting in Lucerne

I am looking forward to having you here in Lucerne in about two months’ time! I add a draft agenda for the meeting; please let me know if you can think of anything else.

I suggest that we meet at my library on Monday, May 22, at 2 pm, and travel to Büron, the village about 30 min.s from Lucerne which is home to the Cooperative Storage Library Switzerland. After the visit we’ll come back to Lucerne and have dinner together.

On Tuesday, we’ll meet at my library for the meeting; I suggest that we’ll have a sandwich lunch and go on till around 4 pm so that travelling back home would be a possibility.

As to travel:

–          flights to Zurich or Basel, train to Lucerne.

o   From Zurich Airport, there are direct trains to Lucerne. The train station is in the same building as the main hall, underground. Follow the train signs (the train ride takes about 60 minutes)

o   From Basel Airport: take the number 50 bus, just outside the arrival hall, to the main station (the final station of the bus). Then take a direct train to Lucerne (the train ride takes about 60 minutes; allow 15 minutes for the bus ride into the city)

–          Train fares: I tried to find out whether there are special fares for tourists. Everything I found is more expensive than simple return tickets airport – Lucerne – airport, even if we add a ticket to Büron. So please go for return tickets  from your airport to Lucerne. – There is something called ‘supersaver tickets’; you can buy them online, but only a month in advance: . And you have to define by date and time which train you’ll take; with a normal price ticket you can take any train you want.

The Swiss train company is called SBB; if you buy a ticket from Zurich Airport, the station is called Zürich Flughafen. If you come via Basel, the main station is called Basel SBB. Lucerne is just Luzern.

As to hotels: I looked at possibilities with reductions through our university – all reductions lead to higher prices than what you can get with booking com, trivago, or ebookers. You could also try AirBnB. – Lucerne has one big advantage: it is small, meaning most hotels are within walking distance to my library (see the address below).

Does this seem clear? I hope so – and please do not hesitate to ask anything! (I’ll be in my office the whole of next week; in April I’ll be away most of the time during the first three weeks…)

Best regards