German symposium in Mainz on September 22nd

On September 22nd University Library Mainz and University Library Gießen jointly organised a symposium named “Sharing is Caring” covering (collaborative) archiving initiatives (

Approximately 80 attendees from various German libraries followed the invitation and got the chance to hear about various projects and to discuss the current situation in Germany. The symposium was chaired by library directors Andreas Brandtner (Mainz) and Peter Reuter (Gießen).

Dorothea Sommer (Bavarian State Library) started the talks with an overview about important European projects, in fact describing all of the founding members of EPICo and citing EPICo’s mission statement.

Brigitte Kromp and Wolfgang Mayer (Vienna University Library) presented the Shared Archiving Austria initiative and informed about EPICo’s current status, goals and activities.

Daniel Tschirren (ZHB Luzern) followed with detailed information about the Kooperative Speicherbibliothek Schweiz and its economic model.

Then Corinna Roeder (State Library Oldenburg) gave a critical statement about incomplete legal regulations regarding discarding library holdings at German libraries and the necessity to coordinate those activities more efficiently.

Finally Olaf Eigenbrodt (Hamburg State and University Library) and Robert Zepf (University Library Rostock) presented the plan for a collaborative archiving concept for Northern German libraries with considerable similarities to the Austrian project.

Publication of the five presentations is planned for a coming issue of the German library science journal ABI Technik (De Gruyter; in 2017.