Contents of the collections

The NRL collections include monographs and periodicals as well as series in all languages and in all fields: fiction and non-fiction, dissertations and books in Braille. The materials are organised in ‘numerus currens’ sequences (according to the date of arrival).

The National Repository Library’s collections include almost three million catalogued items. NRL receives material from all libraries and information service centres in Finland.

The NRL has about 500,000 uncatalogued dissertations arranged in alphabetical order. These are titles published in Central Europe or Scandinavia before 1990. All Finnish dissertations as well as all dissertations published in or later than 1990 have been catalogued into the database as monographs.

  • loanable material circa 100 684 self metres. (31.12.19)
  • Monographs circa 1 842 300
  • Periodicals circa 116 400

The NRL has no systematic classification for its catalogued material. The collections include more material in English (34,4 %) than in any other language. German and Finnish come second and third.